Sunday, August 9, 2009

Making music in the wake of the collapse.

The music industry has imploded. Is this still news to anyone? Was anyone blindsided? Sorry to hear that. In the 90's I had a friend who ran the web-sight for Warner Brothers and when he told me his department was treated like the bastard child of the organization I was amazed. Could they really be that short-sighted? "Don't they realize that it won't be long before Joe Shmoe will be able to download songs and burn his own CDs?" "Oh, the recording industry will figure something out." What they did was attempt encoding and litigation and now we got no Tower records store and what the hell are we going to do with that big empty space where Virgin used to be?
What's a musician to do? How about make music and aspire to make a reasonable living at it through live performance and modest sales through internet outlets? Face it; the days of the mega star millionaires are numbered. Who the hell wants that anyway? Look what it does to people. The go nuts and shave their heads, die of drug overdoses and live being followed by predators with cameras looking to expose their every weakness and foible to the public eye. No, we at eep!music are happy with our anonymity and are free to do what we love, which is making music and gettin our groove on.
What's left of the industry consists of folks still going for the easy bucks. The rock star of today is show over substance and music is now disposable like most things we buy here in the west. Could you older souls have imagined Disney creating rock icons back in the day? How about Disney peddling underage booty?
Enough with the negative. This blog will, in the future, be dedicated to celebrating the uncelebrated and finding the flowers in the dustbins. We will post links to music from a variety of artists in our production family as well as those we admire. Rock on, keep it shakin and peace.

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